Psychics and Healers


Bob W - Crystal and sound energy to find your center, access your higher self, and to accelerate your body, mind, and spirit health.  By selecting sounds and gemstones that resonate with your unique energy field, you will gain new insight into the workings of higher self and find renewed energy and hope for what lies ahead.

Bonnie N - A gifted medium, intuitive and psychic who uses the angels and divine guidance to bring through what is needed most.  Messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as angels, guides, healers, and helpers.


Cheri C - I am a psychic reader, Clairaudient, and a Sensitive. I have been reading tarot for over a decade and offering her services professionally the last two years.  Cheri communicates with her spirit guides and provides insightful reading as she channels this energy. 

Connie L - I am a sensitive that uses her psychic gifts to read tarot and receive messages from loved ones in spirit. I also see fairies, angels, and information on former lifetimes. I read with compassion and non-judgment. 

Linda K - I am a trans-medium who works with Ascended Masters; this allows me to read cards, interpret dreams, answer life questions that you bring, and do spiritual counseling.  I am also able to conect to your guides and angels and relay their names to you. 

Nicky H - I read Native American Medicine Cards. I am an Intuitive, Clairaudient (clear hearing) and Empath.  I am also a Minister, Reiki Master/Teacher (energy healing/balancing) and certified hypnotherapist, including Past Life Regressions. 

Rhonda S - I have been empathic for as long as I can remember. I use Fairy and Angel oracle cards or Soul Cards to help me connect to your guides. I am a Reiki Master, and Certified Hypnotherapist. I am available for private sessions or parties. 

Jack.jpgJack M - Bone Readings - Intuitive psychic medium *energy worker* artist. The ancient art of bone and curio throwing, and astragalomancy (divination using dice) are the two predominant tools with which I'll be working, along with whatever else comes to me. Sit together with me for a while as we throw the bones and consult the ancestors and helping spirits for guidance and clarity.


Ann N - offers Reiki, crystalline attunements and energy work, a natural and studied Shaman with 33 years experience who can help to heal emotional, physical, and mental challenges. 

Jessica M - I am a Healer practicing the Energy/Touch® modality, which is an off-the-body multidimensional healing process that sllows the Energy/Touch® practitioner accesses the outer levels of the human energy field. I am a student in my 2nd year and have done over 100 healings on various issues. I am more than excited about finding my true purpose, and would love to answer your questions about the healing methods I utilize.