Some of the vendors you'll find at our 2nd Saturday Psychic Fair include:

  Artistically handcrafted shamanic Native American drums, rattles, flutes, bows and arrows, clay jewelry, and more, by John Lundy.  John's drums 2.jpg



 Bob's Gemstones - A beautiful array of gemstones and crystals, used for healing body, mind, and spirit. Chakra kits for balance.  Sound healing, tuning forks, and more by Bob Wahl. Bob's gemstones 2.jpg


 The Raven's  Key Shoppe - carrying magical and creative gifts including all natural, kitchen-crafted soaps; spell kits; specially blended oils and perfumes; tapestries, altar items, florida water, and scrying mirrors.

Raven Key 2.jpg


The Wyrd Cauldron - a metaphysical supplier carrying premium incense, herbs, statuary, athames, cauldrons, tarot decks, pendulums, singing bowls, and new for the hippie in you - a variety of sling bags, totes, and backpacks, just to name a few of our items.

Wyrd Cauldron.jpg